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Hello and welcome to Dyrii User Manual! We created this guide to help new and existing users of Dyrii learn more about the app. This guide is organized into several chapters with each chapter delving into how the app behaves on iOS and macOS. The below listed Table of Contents illustrates a summary of all the topics we have covered. If you see anything missing, please give us a shout. We have intentionally hosted this guide in a place where users can edit it if need be. To make edits, all you need is a GitHub account and send us a pull request.


Several people are involved in the creation and maintenance of this user guide. We are specially thankful to Eric Holscher and his Read The Docs team for creating a remarkable documentation tool and most importantly open sourcing it. Without their help, we wouldn’t have been able to create this user guide in this shape and form.


This guide is also downloadable as a PDF or EPUB file. For a list of all the topic index we covered, visit here: Index.